How have other organizations and teams benefitted from using StrengthsFinder®?  

1. Leverage Strengths to grow individual and team performances
“Overcoming weaknesses never lead us to excellence” 

After the StrengthsFinder workshop, I now have a clear understanding of my own strengths and how to use them in the areas of work. The greatest benefit for me is understanding the team's strengths and how I may better leverage everyone's strengths so that the team can be more productive and engaged at work. Good job!
Serene Tan | Director | Singapore Tourism Board

The greatest benefit for me was to understand and start appreciating different talents of different individuals. That enables me to work better towards common goals. I find this workshop interactive, comprehensive and lively! I rate this StrengthsFinder® workshop a 10/10!
Michael Wu | Chief Financial Officer | Remy Cointreau (Shanghai)

2. Create Greater Self-Awareness
“Change always starts with ourselves"

The StrengthsFinder® workshop went down very well with everyone and it struck me that they actually delivered a near-perfect and flawless session. The workshop was very balanced, well-paced and well-organized. Personally, understanding my own strengths and those of my team has helped to make sense of some of the behaviours from my team members and myself and caused me to make adjustments to some of the ways I interact with my team.
Wong Rin Rin | Legal Director & Associate General Counsel, Asia Pacific | Adobe Systems Pte Ltd

This StrengthsFinder® workshop was very good for enhancing self-awareness and understanding others. It was a very good session for me and useful to strengthen team bonding and understanding. This workshop is a 9 out of 10!
Ong Lih Ling | Director | Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore

3. Create Stronger Interpersonal Relationships
“Strengths Approach: Catch people doing good"

The greatest benefit of going through this StrengthsFinder® workshop was that it allowed the team to know each other better and opportunity to appreciate and give recognition. It also got individuals to know themselves better and become motivated to do better.
Lin Wee | Country Manager Singapore | Herbalife
The StrengthsFinder® workshop by Strengths School™ helped me understand my own strengths and gave a good framework for the team to understand each other. The trainers were able to articulate and facilitate the session well and were able to relate to the needs of the team. Great work!
Poh Chi Chuan | Director | Singapore Tourism Board


4. Transform Workplace through Positive Conversations
“One good conversation can shift the direction of change forever”

The StrengthsFinder® workshop gave me a deeper understanding of individuals and how to get the best out of the team. Hearing the conversations and exercises especially the discussions allowed an appreciation of how to work more effectively and have fun together. Great workshop!
Bobby Sheikh | Senior Director – Regional Marketing | Johnson & Johnson
The greatest benefit I received from this StrengthsFinder workshop was to see our strengths as gifts from God and to celebrate and use them. I also learnt that focusing on what's right with people brings us great conversations! Well done Victor and the Strengths School team for a full day session that was well presented and beneficial!
Senior Pastor Lawrence Lee | Glad Tidings Church


5. Develop people through Strengths for People Development
“People are most motivated when given opportunities to use their strengths”

I wished I have done this StrengthsFinder workshop in my earlier days as a leader. It would have consciously helped me in focusing on the strengths of my team, rather than areas of improvements. The workshop provides an innovative and refreshing approach to people development and growth. There was ample time given for discussion and engagement. Well done! A day well spent!
Narindar Dhillon | Retired Educator, Former HOD | Catholic Junior College