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"BEING the kind of people God wants us to BE". This was a vision statement I resonated very strongly with because of my Belief theme. People strong in the StrengthsFinder Belief theme have convictions that they stand for. While some can articulate these convictions well, others might struggle to do so. Regardless, both will respond very strongly whenever they feel their convictions are challenged. People with Belief have convictions that provide personal power to stand strong no matter what challenges they face. The convictions are central to their character. The convictions generate meaning, purpose and direction for their lives and everything they do. It is unlikely that people with Belief will compromise when they are asked to do something that goes against their convictions

People with Belief can partner strongly with those with the Adaptability theme. Those with Adaptability prefer to go with the flow and are usually more open to changes. By contrast, those with Belief are less likely to respond positively if they perceive a certain plan that might go against their conviction. A person with Adaptability could potentially help the Belief person explore different ways to reach the same outcome without necessarily compromising on their values

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