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People with StrengthsFinder Relator theme have an innate motivation to go deep in any relationship. Intuitively, they understand that anyone can be an acquaintance but deep lasting friendships take commitment from both sides. Once they decide there is someone they want to invest in, they open up themselves incrementally, choosing to be vulnerable. In such contexts, being genuine and authentic is second nature. This is also how they test if the friendship is reciprocated. Those who do, end up in their inner circle. These friendships tend to be intimate and enduring. Relators seek deep friendships regardless of setting. Deep friendships with fellow colleagues can keep a Relator very engaged in the workplace. “I am happy to go the extra mile for a friend who happens to be a colleague”. This statement might not resonate for everyone, but Relators will probably agree

Relators can form strong partnerships with those with Woo. People strong in Woo are people who are energized in engaging new people and forming new relationships. By contrast, Relators take a longer time to warm up to new people and they prefer to continue to build stronger ties with their current circle of friends. In a collaborative work setting, those with Woo are stronger in networking and are always on the lookout to build relationships with potential new clients. Relators are considerably stronger in follow-up and are often better in the client relationship manager role. Such a partnership is powerful in a work setting, particularly in client facing kind of roles Relator Drawing by Sam Lo

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