Singapore StrengthsFinder Input Illustration

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People who have Input in their top 5 Strengthsfinder results enjoy collecting. They might be collecting ideas, quotes and useful articles. They might also be collecting tangible objects such as cards, books or souvenirs. They do all the collecting because of the natural curiosity for the countless ideas the world presents. They also desire to share the different discoveries with others. The vast amount of knowledge they accumulate empowers them to be a great resource and value add to any team they belong to. There are times those with Input might be labelled hoarders or junk collectors or ‘bookworm'. Many do not understand that people with Input thrives on collecting powerful data to share the resources that they deem to be useful to others. Those with Input can be sometimes seen as Wikipedia in human form.

People with Input can partner strongly with those with the Developer theme. The Input person desires for the stored resources to be utilized while the Developer desires to help others grow in strength and maturity. Such a partnership allows for resources to be shared to help others grow and fulfill both the desires of those with these two strengths. 

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