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"I like to hear what everyone thinks"

People with Harmony believe that there is little to be gained from conflicts. They believe that conflicts produce too much negative emotions that drain the energy of people. They steer away from conflicts and aim instead to find areas of agreement. They are often seen as peacemakers. The word "和" denotes peace. The word "和" is also used to denote a pairing. Similarly, people with Harmony like to see themselves as team players. They prefer not to work alone. They find ways to collaborate with others. They thrive in an environment where team members value relationship building. Often it’s the people with Harmony that contribute effectively towards team bonding. They enjoy organizing meals and activities together, ensuring members of the team have opportunities to get to know one another. People with Harmony often act as the glue to any group or team

People with Harmony can form good partnerships with those with Ideation. People with Ideation often love to think out of the box and intuitively love to challenge the status quo. In contrast, people with Harmony may prefer to stay within boundaries and not rock the boat, especially if they feel that could challenge the environment of peace and stability that is in place. Such partnerships create a robust system where people with Harmony are challenged to stretch their imagination, to look beyond their spheres and to enlarge perspectives

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