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People with StrengthsFinder Developer desire to see people grow from strength to strength. Developers are like builders. They see so much possibilities of growth, building one block upon the other. Developers desire to share their experiences, their life lessons and their little nuggets of wisdom with others so that these people can experience growth and future successes. Developers make great mentors Developers understand that time is a necessary ingredient for people to try out new experiences and grow. They understand that time is necessary for people to pick up new skills. They understand that time is necessary for people to process their past failures and to bounce back. Developers are good cheerleaders. They get excited when they see signs of growth in the people around them and they cheer them onwards

A good partnership for a Developer will be a Maximizer. Maximizers tend to focus on growing the results and putting the best people on the job. Developers tend to focus on growing the people and giving opportunities for people to gain experience and grow. This is a formidable Strengths Partnership

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