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Woo stands for winning others over. People with the StrengthsFinder Woo theme are known to be people who seem to be able to break ice with new people easily. They can easily initiate conversations with new ones they meet and they derive satisfaction from breaking the ice and making a connection. Strangers are rarely intimidating to them. People with Woo often find it easy to ask questions and find some area of common interest so that they can build rapport. In the minds of people with Woo, there are new people to meet and new social media platforms to network. People with Woo have an exceptional sense of knowing how to draw others out. They are great at welcoming new people.

People with Woo can partner strongly with those with the Harmony theme. People strong in Harmony enjoy collaboration and keeping the peace in a group. They enjoy helping existing groups of people strengthen their relationships and journey together in a tightly knitted community. By contrast, people with Woo enjoy forming new connections and they can move on from existing connections quite quickly. They desire to build a wider network. Such a partnership in a group setting balances the importance of reaching out to new people and keeping the safe and peaceful environment so needed in a community

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