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People with the StrengthsFinder Intellection theme are known to be deep thinkers. What this picture suggests is that those with Intellection can think about multiple things and they enjoy acquiring deep understanding and knowledge of different subjects, theories and concepts. They enjoy the rigorous brain exercises and there is a need for them to exercise their mental muscles on a daily basis. They like to find time alone for the purpose of contemplation and reflection. They ask many questions in their heads to cover the different angles that exist. They like to think in a comprehensive way. The brilliance of those with Intellection comes from the deep processing when they think. They are often able to provide wisdom and understanding to others as a result of their deep thinking.

People with Intellection can partner strongly with those with the Communication theme. People strong in Communication enjoy processing aloud and they often think as they talk. They like to verbalize their thoughts even when these thoughts are raw and unprocessed. While people do not need to second guess what goes on inside their heads, they might often receive responses that are raw. By contrast, people with Intellection prefer to think things through in their heads in order to give the best response. Their ideas are usually much sharper, more coherent and gives greater insight but people usually wonder what goes on inside their heads. Such a partnership sharpens and complement each other

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