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StrengthsFinder Talent themes are neutral. They can be used in wise ways and be powerful instruments to impact others. Sometimes, they are used in not so wise ways and the results often are negative in nature. One of the benefits of coaching is to provide clues and guidance to help individuals aim their talent themes towards a positive outcome. And so I had a short meet up with Natali and we enjoyed a Singapore delicacy, Bak Ku Teh, together. More than just enjoying the food, we also discussed about how she can aim her strengths towards desirable outcomes. We discussed some potential blindspots as well. Nat gave me very valuable feedback about what she learnt and took away from our coaching conversation. She particularly felt she benefitted from some of the analogies I used to help her process her decision making. It was a fruitful meet up! From top professional and business leaders to young working adults, coaching others gives me joy and a huge sense of satisfaction! 

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