StrengthsFinder Team Building Workshop: PropertyGuru Singapore

Singapore StrengthsFinder Gallup Team Building Workshop using CliftonStrengths Profiling for Property Company Coach Victor Seet

StrengthsFinder TeamBuilding workshop held at ClarkeQuay, Singapore.

Using #CliftonStrengths assessment, the focus was on developing an awareness of the team strengths and how to leverage each other's strengths for greater partnerships and team productivity. This was a regional marketing team from a top property company based in Singapore. There were participants from Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. The director who put the StrengthsFinder Workshop together had previously used the StrengthsFinder tool in his previous company and saw great results. He recommended the workshop to the CMO as part of a team building and strategic planning retreat.  For this StrengthsFinder team building workshop, it was a second partnership with Strengths coach Vivian Liang and she went one level up in her engagement with the participants. Looking forward to more workshops as our strengths really complement each other in the facilitation!

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Victor Seet • World & Singapore's 1st Gold Awarded Gallup StrengthsFinder Coach • Strengths School™ Singapore