Singapore StrengthsFinder Restorative Illustration

Singapore StrengthsFinder Restorative Illustration

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People strong in the StrengthsFinder Restorative theme love to do problem solving. They like to ask “What’s wrong?” In Singlish, we often use this term #SimiTaiji? By knowing what’s wrong, those with Restorative are energized to find quick solutions and fix things. People with Restorative enjoy bringing things back to life. For those with Restorative, one of the key approaches to building relationships is in helping others fix their problems. In the infancy stage, people with Restorative can feel helpless at times because they lack the abilities and skill sets to fix certain issues. Because of that, the negative emotions are often transferred to others. 

People with Restorative can partner strongly with those with the Maximizer theme. Those with Maximizer believes that the world should be looking at strengths and what’s right. They do not like to look at the things that are broken and might even avoid these areas. By contrast, those with Restorative believe that the world is filled with problems and dealing with problems is part and parcel of life. Such a partnership is precious for having both the excellence-orientation and the "fix-it now” mentality  

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