Singapore StrengthsFinder Strategic Illustration

Singapore StrengthsFinder Strategic Illustration

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People strong in the StrengthsFinder Strategic theme have the unique ability to generate multiple options in their minds. But the genius of the Strategic theme doesn’t simply begin and end with generating the options. People with Strategic can quickly sort through the various alternative paths and determine the one that will work best and most efficiently. Just like this illustration of a chess board, people with Strategic inherently enjoy any activities that require strategies in nature. The most draining activity often is to follow a routine to reach an outcome without the need to strategize. Because of the unique ability to see alternative paths that might not always be noticed by an average person, people with Strategic have a knack of finding shortcuts that work and they enjoy doing that. While some people find shortcuts unacceptable, those with Strategic enjoy finding new and quicker ways to reach the same outcome

People with Strategic can partner strongly with those with the Consistency theme. Those with Consistency prefer to work with a set of rules and policies that helps to administer fairness and justice. By contrast, those with Strategic prefer to work within broad and undefined boundaries that allow them to explore new and better ways to reach a certain outcome. Such a partnership could potentially produce a kind of robust system that can administer policies while giving enough freedom to explore new ways 

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