StrengthsFinder® Woo Theme (CliftonStrengths)

Singapore StrengthsFinder Leadership Application WOO Victor Seet

“Go out into the world today and love the people you meet. Let your presence light new light in the hearts of others.” ― Mother Teresa

People with the Gallup StrengthsFinder Woo theme love meeting new people. To them, these are not strangers: they are friends that they just haven’t met yet. While many would be intimidated by the challenge of breaking through the awkwardness, making small talk, and befriending someone new, those with the Woo talent theme relish these opportunities. In fact, they are often energized by it. They naturally want to know people’s names and ask them questions, bringing an incredible creativity and energy in building rapport. They are delighted whenever they gain a new friend, which is at the very core of this StrengthsFinder theme. Woo stands for Winning Others Over.

Those with the Woo StrengthsFinder theme have an extraordinary ability to draw people out of their shells. When tasked with putting more reserved people at ease during social situations, those with the Woo talent theme can help new people feel comfortable. They are often seen to be welcoming. They take initiative and bring energy to social situations. While those with the Relator StrengthsFinder theme enjoy going deep, preferring greater depth and authenticity in their relationships, those with Woo generally prefer extending the circle wide, and often dislike static or shrinking social networks.

Sometimes, people with the Woo talent theme can be mislabeled as shallow and superficial, particularly if their Woo talent theme is in its infancy stage. Some can even be perceived as social butterflies. However, this is usually the result of misunderstandings. While it is true that those with Woo generally prefer to meet and greet, win over, and then move on to befriend the next new friend, it is not true that they do not desire quality relationships with others. In fact, people with Woo have a very different idea of "quality relationships" - the ability to build rapport rapidly and to open up to each other defines the quality. It would thus help those with Woo to find the right words to explain to others that networking is part of their personal style. Without this clear communication, others might mistake their friendliness as insincerity.

I founded a consultancy and training company, Strengths School™. One of our facilitators, Natali, has Woo in her Top 5 StrengthsFinder results. She not only enjoys connecting with people face to face, she also enjoys connecting with people through social media such as facebook, twitter and instagram.  I am always amazed at her ability to connect with people easily. She has the gift of being able to turn a stranger to a friend in mere minutes, teasing a smile or a laugh out of them and bringing cheer to their lives. In the student workshops that we run for schools and youth groups, she can easily connect with new faces and make students feel welcome and at ease. She uses her Woo talents to facilitate debrief sessions and draw out learning points from the students. 

How can a person with Woo turn this talent into a Strength? Here are a few suggestions.


There is an increased emphasis on networking to grow the personal brand, to gain exposure and to discover new opportunities. Since those with the Woo StrengthsFinder theme are energized at the possibility of turning new faces they meet into friends, they would do well to intentionally build their existing (and probably broad) social network. Professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn are platforms that people with the Woo theme can intentionally employ to their advantages. They can tend this network by checking in with each person at least once a month to see how they’re doing. They could also make it their personal goal to learn the names of as many people as they can, building an index of personal information for each contact that could be useful for work benefits.


Practice ways to effectively engage and win others over. For example, research people before you meet them so you can find the common ground. Refine your system for remembering the names of people you meet. Establish goals to motivate yourself to learn the names and a few personal details about as many friends and colleagues and customers as possible. You can help your team and your organization make many valuable connections.


Partner those with Deliberative

People with Deliberative can be described as “socially cautious.” They tend to be private people, selective about those they allow into their inner circle and preferring quality over quantity. They tend to choose their words wisely and are more reserved with their praise as they want their words to be meaningful. In contrast, those with Woo can be described as “socially adventurous.” They love meeting strangers because they see it as an opportunity to make new friends. They tend to enjoy playful banter, as it helps them build rapport quickly. However, because of their natural tendency towards this banter, they can sometimes be seen as superficial, saying things they often don’t mean. Such a partnership would encourage those with the Woo StrengthsFinder theme to not only expand their social networks, but also protect and build their existing friendships with care.

Partner those with Relator

People with Relator are naturally drawn to deepening existing relationships, bringing a genuineness and authenticity that invites enduring, meaningful connections. When in a large crowd, they prefer to connect with people whom they already know. In contrast, those with Woo are excited at the prospect of forming new relationships. In a large crowd, they are drawn to strangers – in their view, new friends they haven’t met yet. This partnership would encourage those with Woo to bring greater depth to their existing relationships, thus building deep as well as wide.

Partner those with Focus

People with Focus are talented in zooming into an overarching goal with laser-like precision. Whether directed with a social or more task-oriented element, they have the innate ability to evaluate, prioritize, and re-direct, effectively aiming their time and efforts toward that overarching goal. In contrast, people with Woo are talented in engaging with large audiences, and are naturally gifted in expanding their social networks. Partnering with someone with Focus would thus empower those with the Woo StrengthsFinder theme to direct their social influence towards building connections that would be beneficial for the team’s overall goals.

Concluding thoughts: Those with the Woo StrengthsFinder theme have an amazing ability to break the ice and turn strangers into friends. They often have a natural ability to build a huge social network. While sometimes misunderstood by others because of their tendency to move from one new friend to the next, it’s important to recognize that they bring tremendous value to a world that in many ways is becoming increasingly more insular and disconnected. If you have a friend or team member with Woo, recognize and celebrate them for their natural talents – they, in turn, will bring a great exuberance and cheer to your world!

Written by Victor Seet
Activator • Communication • Strategic • Self-Assurance • Command

As a Gallup Certified Singapore Strengthsfinder coach, Victor is passionate about strengths engagement and now runs his own training company, Strengths School™ ( He has been actively giving Strengthsfinder leadership and team building workshops to businesses and schools in Singapore as well as Hong Kong, China(Shanghai and Nanjing) and India.