Do my StrengthsFinder Themes Change Over Time?


Hi, my name is Victor. I'm in Hong Kong right now doing a workshop. Just today, someone asked me (in fact I hear this asked a lot of times): "Do strengths change over time?" My response to them is simply: If someone has Empathy, now do you think 10 years later the person will not be able to feel and put their feelings aside? Or if someone has Deliberative, is it possible that 10 years down the road, this person decides not to think of the worst case scenario? Now, a simple answer is: strengths do not really change over time. As you mature, it grows in intensity as some of the possible changes. But when you have Empathy, it doesn't become suddenly a strength that disappears. It remains. If you're Deliberative, you'll continue to use your Deliberative talent and you use that and you engage that productively. Strengths, to me, do not change over time. 

The purpose of this video is to answer some of the most frequently asked questions during our StrengthsFinder® workshops and coaching sessions. Please feel free to let me know some of the questions you may have about strengths. You can comment or leave an enquiry and I'll be more than happy to respond to your query.