gallup StrengthsFinder® Leadership Domains

Every single CliftonStrengths talent theme has its unique power and area of contribution. The idea of the Gallup StrengthsFinder® Leadership domains is to show where specifically each of the CliftonStrengths talent themes can shine at its brightest. For example, the Achiever talent theme shines brightest in the activities and tasks that are executing in nature. Whenever I run different Clifton StrengthsFinder® Leadership or Team Building workshops, both in Singapore or around Asia, I will take time to help people understand how each of the CliftonStrengths talent theme stands out powerfully in a certain domain. I will also take time to explain how this idea of Leadership domain can be easily misinterpreted without understanding the context.

Have a look at the domains below to find out which domain you could be operate powerfully in because of your StrengthsFinder® themes.

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StrengthsFinder Singapore Leadership Domains Executing Influencing Relationship building strategic thinking