My name is Victor.
I'm a Leadership Coach/Trainer/Consultant based in Singapore.
I'm the World's 1st and only Platinum & Gold Awarded
Gallup-Certified StrengthsFinder® Coach and
Founder of Strengths School™.

I'm very passionate about Strengths and believed strongly in the Strengths-Based Philosophy of maximizing our talents to achieve our potential. This philosophy drives the way I engage my the people that I work with.

My Background
I'm formerly a Client Relationship Manager (CRM) in a Real Estate Consultancy Firm in Singapore and my clients include Microsoft, Procter and Gamble and EMC. I'm passionate about people development and I enjoy coaching. I have over 12 years of experience in training and development as well as performance and life coaching for leaders in MNCs, Schools & non-profit organizations. I have coached more than 400 individuals that include top MNC leaders, Business Owners, School Leaders, Church Leaders and students in a 1-1 capacity. I believe in building strong family units and marriages. Families create the base for successful individuals and loving communities. I actively conduct family coaching sessions as well as coaching for married couples. I also volunteer actively in a Singapore local church. I believe that God has given everyone talents to make a difference in this world. My mission is to call out peoples' innate and unique talents to live out their full potential.

Read an interview article on a Strengths-Based Family Coaching session I did.

What I currently do
I founded Strengths School™ together with Jason Ho. From Singapore to across Asia in Hong Kong, China (Shanghai and Nanjing), India (Bangalore), I've successfully used the CliftonStrengths profiling tool and led Strengths-Based Leadership and coaching workshops and Team Building programs for organizations and teams. My clients include Marriott International, Visa, Uber, Adobe Systems, Johnson & Johnson, AIA, SingHealth, Discovery Networks, Singapore Press Holdings, Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), Singapore Tourism Board (STB), Singapore Prison Services and popular brands such as Lee Jeans, Timberland and Vans.

Check out some photos from my StrengthsFinder workshops. 

Because of my parents, I've been trained to be effectively bilingual and I'm proud of being able to conduct the Gallup StrengthsFinder® workshops and coaching both in the English and Chinese language. 


On a Gallup Called to Coach session, I was invited to share about how to apply Strengths in daily decisions.


My Beliefs and Leadership Experiences
I believe that strengths provides the foundation for capability building in a team. A team can be very powerful when they are able to leverage the strengths of each individual team member to achieve the intended outcomes. In my work as a volunteer leader, I find myself needing to motivate and engage volunteers (of different gender, age and backgrounds) to carry out different responsibilities. After having led over 100 volunteer leaders, I have acquired many valuable life lessons and gained different leadership perspectives. Most importantly, I have learnt many deep real life lessons in understanding human psychology while working with these people.  


Today, I teach about how leadership is a SCIENCE. Using Gallup's Q12 engagement survey, I helped organizational leaders understand the science of employee engagement and what it means to lead with clarity and effectiveness. I also teach about how leadership is an ART. Using the CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder®) profiling tool, I helped organizational leaders understand how to lead from their place of strengths and what it means to create a Strengths-Based Culture in the workplace.

I'm privileged to be the Keynote Speaker for the topic of Strengths-Based Leadership at the 1st ASEAN Strengths Education Summit, held in Singapore. That summit impacted participants from more than 30 schools in the ASEAN region. Not content with impacting only Corporate Leaders, my passion for Strengths-Based Leadership has driven me to seek opportunities to impact school leaders in the Singapore Education Scene. Specializing in the CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder®) Profiling tool, I've also conducted StrengthsFinder® Leadership workshops and talks for Directors in Singapore's Ministry of Education, School Principals and Leaders for various Singapore schools including Anglo Chinese School (Barker Road), Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School, Catholic Junior College, Gan Eng Seng School, CHIJ Kellock, White Sands Primary, Northland Secondary School, Eunos Primary School, Hong Wen School and Radin Mas Primary. I have also used the Gallup CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder®) profiling tool and run StrengthsFinder® Leadership programs for Senior Leadership for different churches in Singapore. 

In my own hobby and pastime, I love to travel but not in the conventional way. I travel to lead overseas expedition trips and community outreach programs. I'm an experienced team leader and I have led more than 20 trips to different parts of the world that include China, Philippines, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, East Timor, Vietnam and Malaysia.


My Top 5 CliftonStrengths (StrengthsFinder®) results:

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