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People with the StrengthsFinder Arranger theme enjoy are energized by the process of aligning and realigning and finding the best configuration possible. Sometimes they are seen to be people who seem to have an obsession to arrange and rearrange things. #Singlish term for this is "Pai Swee Swee". Other times, they are seen to be so skillful in orchestrating complex projects and to coordinate multiple schedules. Many Arrangers can also juggle many different smaller tasks that build towards a bigger goal without feeling overwhelmed. In fact, juggling these smaller parts often makes the Arranger more productive. The genius of Arranger talents lies in their ability to organize and make the best use of resources to produce great results

People with Arranger can partner strongly with those with the Adaptability theme. People high in Adaptability are strong in reacting to dynamic changes and are able to perform despite the challenges posed by the changes. People with Arranger are strong in adjusting configurations to make the optimum use of resources to produce the best results. Such a partnership allows for great productivity in very complex and dynamic environments because of the abilities to make the right changes and the abilities to execute the change

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