CLIFTON StrengthsFinder® FAQs

1. What is the Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment?

The Clifton StrengthsFinder® is a language to explain the talents found in humanity. We discover these talents by doing the Clifton StrengthsFinder® online personal assessment. The results from this assessment created by Gallup outline the Strengths of each unique individual. Each person possesses a combination of universal attributes, defined as talent themes, that explains the way one functions or excels in particular fields. The Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment aims to help people leverage on Strengths rather than focus on weaknesses.

The philosophy behind the Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment is backed up by research from Gallup. Through years of extensive research and studies on 2 million individuals across the globe, Gallup has proven that people succeed when they focus on what they do best. The 2 key findings from the Gallup research provide the foundation as to why I use the CliftonStrengths profiling tools in almost all the programs that I run:

  1. The best of the best build their lives around talents
  2. The best of the best invent ways of developing and applying strengths in areas where they want to improve, achieve, and become more effective

The Clifton StrengthsFinder® was developed by American psychologist Donald O. Clifton, the culmination of more than 50 years of his lifelong work. Since its introduction in 2002, more than 16 million people around the world have taken the CliftonStrengths Profiling assessment and discovered their Strengths.

Don Clifton received an American Psychological Association Presidential Commendation as the ‘father of Strengths-Based Psychology” in 2002.

2.  How have other organizations and teams benefitted from using Clifton StrengthsFinder®? 

Different organizations and teams have chosen to use the Clifton StrengthsFinder® tool differently. In Strengths School™, we specialized in the wide area of applications that the CliftonStrengths profiling assessment can be used for. The different workshops that I run using the CliftonStrengths profiling assessment tool are always based on the objectives that the team leaders have set. If you are a Leader in your organization desiring to use the StrengthsFinder® assessment for your team, read "StrengthsFinder for Organizations" to find out more!

3.  How do I do the CliftonStrengths assessment to know my Strengths?

You can purchase your Top 5 Clifton StrengthsFinder® Online Assessment code here at USD $20. 

The Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment will take about 45 minutes to an hour to complete, with a time limit for every question. You are advised to give yourself sufficient uninterrupted time to complete the assessment.

3a.  How do I unlock my full 34 CliftonStrengths assessment results?

If you have not previously done the StrengthsFinder® assessment, first purchase the Online Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment to get your Top 5 strengths.

If you have previously unlocked your top 5 Strengths and wish to view your complete Strengths profile, sign into your Gallup Strengths Center account at Proceed to “Buy Products” to purchase a Clifton StrengthsFinder® Access Code that would upgrade your profile (“Beyond Your Top 5 Strengths”) for USD $69.

For the mobile app, you may purchase a Clifton StrengthsFinder® Access Code that would upgrade your profile (“All 34 Strengths Upgrade”) under “Get Your Strengths”.

4.  Now that I know my Strengths, what is my next action step?

The most powerful way to get yourself moving from knowledge to application is to have a chat with a StrengthsFinder® Gallup-Certified Coach. You can contact me if you wish to receive coaching from me. Check out my blog posts especially those focusing on StrengthsFinder® Application to learn more. You can click here to read up more about the 34 CliftonStrengths Talent Themes. There are many published resources to develop your Strengths. 


START TODAY! Introduce the Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment to your family, friends, colleagues and your organization. Get everyone speaking the Strengths Language!

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