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Invite me to run a Strengths-Based Leadership Workshop Program or a StrengthsFinder Team Building Workshop for your organization and team. That's my specialty! I also do speaking engagement on the topic of leadership and Strengths. My engagements have brought me across the Asia region, including China and India and conducts workshops both in English and Mandarin. As the world's leading StrengthsFinder Coach, you can count on me to deliver top quality workshops for C-level Leaders and Managers.

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The StrengthsFinder® session done by Victor and the Strengths School™ team was very balanced, well-paced and well-organized, with sufficient time for quiet introspection, active sharing and engaging interactions through hands-on activities. The number of presentation slides used were spot-on and appropriate: not too much to bore the audience and not too few to be insubstantial. The slides were clear, well thought-out and artistically pleasing – they captured the attention that they deserved. Most importantly, what really shone through were Victor’s and Jason’s mastery of and deep passion for the subject matter: they were clearly seasoned and experienced facilitators who had thought through the subject matter from many different perspectives, many times over. In fact, they looked like they lived and breathed Strengths every minute of their lives: their sessions were peppered with personal (and often hilarious) anecdotes that the team found to be very helpful and relevant. Their conviction that StrengthsFinder is a very useful tool that impacts individual lives has been very infectious. Personally, understanding my own strengths and those of my team has allowed me to see myself and my team in a new light. It has helped me to make sense of some of the behaviours from my team members and myself and caused me to make adjustments to some of the ways I interact with my team. I felt that Victor and his team have done a lot of work to make the StrengthsFinder® course come alive. My team and I are so impressed, we have committed to doing the remainder of the 2-day course!  
Wong Rin Rin | Legal Director & Associate General Counsel, Asia Pacific | Adobe Systems Pte Ltd

I now have a clear understanding of my own strengths and how to use them in the areas of work. The greatest benefit for me is understanding the team's strengths and how I may better leverage everyone's strengths so that the team can be more productive and engaged at work. Good job Victor!
Serene Tan | Director | Singapore Tourism Board

As a leader, I benefitted from understanding the team’s strengths and am glad that the team bonded from this StrengthsFinder® workshop. The team really enjoyed the session. It is beneficial to our personal lives as well as professional lives. Great job Victor and team! I rate this workshop a 9/10!
Corrine Ee | Head of Distribution | AIA

The greatest benefit I received from this StrengthsFinder® workshop was to see our strengths as gifts from God and to celebrate and use them. I also learnt that focusing on what's right with people brings us great conversations! Well done Victor and your team for a full day session that was well presented and beneficial!
Senior Pastor Lawrence Lee | Glad Tidings Church

Victor is truly an extraordinary speaker and trainer! With uncanny ease, he allowed each one of us to digest and understand the various information taught to us, with plenty of anecdotes and humour to go along the way. Undeniably engaging, with countless interactions, while bursting with energy which stems from great passion, Victor has shown his experience and expertise through and through. All in all, StrengthsFinder® really allowed myself to understand my strengths better, and that of my team's, and together we managed to improve our working synergy and performance output.
Jonathan Chua | Financial Services Consultant | AIA

I thoroughly enjoyed the Strengthsfinder Workshop for Building Teams conducted by Victor Seet. Compared to most other Team-building workshops, this was by far one of the most effective and useful in helping me understand how to work best with my team. The hands-on approach and discussions facilitated by Victor were extremely helpful in helping my team develop a greater appreciation for and excitement to work with one another in the future. Victor demonstrated a deep understanding of each of the 34 strengths and how the different strengths can complement one another. I would highly recommend the same workshop to any company or organization that hope to boost work productivity and team morale!
Joycelin Ng | Probation Officer | Ministry of Social and Family Development


The StrengthsFinder® workshop conducted by Victor was extremely helpful for my leadership team and me. Through the workshop, I got to know my strengths in a deeper way. As we shared and affirmed each others’ strengths, we were able to celebrate one another’s strengths in the process. Victor’s knowledge of the subject and his leadership experiences are great assets to help our entire team discover what really works! I highly recommend this course to other organizations and churches as well. 
Christopher Ho | Youth & Children Pastor | Church of Our Saviour