Singapore StrengthsFinder Activator Illustration

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People who have Activator in their top 5 Strengthsfinder results enjoy doing things quickly. They possess tremendous drive to put thought into action. Their Activator talent theme cause them to be action-oriented and they thrive on experiential learning and on the job training. They also enjoy rallying others to move and to take action. The sense of movement and momentum is usually very important to them. Activators believe that there are always obstacles in anything that is to be done. Rather than worrying about the obstacles, they prefer to gain momentum by starting an action and overcoming the challenges along the way. Just like this picture of a gun, Activators are ready to be fired off. Activators are also most likely to be labeled as rash, impulsive and impatient when they were younger in age

People with Activator can partner strongly with those with the Ideation theme. The Activator person desires to put ideas into action while the Ideation person desires for his or her idea to be turned into reality. These are great complimentary strengths! Such a partnership allows for many great ideas to be executed rather than letting them be simply thoughts

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