Singapore Education and Career Guidance Student Program: Strengths-Based Game of Life

Singapore Strengths based game of life ecg student program coach Victor Seet

Singapore StrengthsFinder Game of Life Education and Career Guidance (ECG) Program for Secondary students.

This Strengths-Based Game of Life™ was designed to be part of a Education and Career Guidance (ECG) program for Secondary students. We completed this Strengths based program for 300 over secondary students in one seating in the school hall and it was a major feat. My #Achiever was very satisfied. The Game of Life™ is designed to be an interactive and experiential learning program that helps students apply their strengths while pursuing a career goal that they set out to achieve in the game. The students are required to make different decisions in the game, from selecting a specific higher education path they want to pursue to choosing the career path they want to take. Each of the students then play a whole series of activities that simulates real life decision making. The learning comes from debriefing about the different choices that the students made and how their strengths help them to achieve the required goals in the game. Some of the students will also deepen their understanding of Strengths Based Leadership as they are thrown different challenges in the game. It was interesting to note that many choose to go solo in their pursuit of Life while some immediately form a team and work hand in hand to solve problems together. My favorite portion of the game was the #entrepreneur station. It was evident that from a young age, some students are wired to be future entrepreneurs. Love this Game!


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