StrengthsFinder Leadership Workshop - Singapore SkillsFuture Program Jun 2017

Singapore StrengthsFinder SkillsFuture Leadership Workshop using Gallup CliftonStrengths Victor Seet

StrengthsFinder Leadership Workshop: 
Singapore SkillsFuture Program June 2017 Educators Edition

This was a #StrengthsFinder #Leadership workshop open to the public. We had educators from different Primary schools, Secondary schools and Junior Colleges attending. There were also educators from the private sector attending the course as well. SkillsFuture is a movement initiated by the Singapore government to enable all Singaporeans to develop to their fullest potential and to realize their aspirations by taking advantage of a wide range of learning opportunities. Singaporean Educators can now utilize their SkillsFuture credits to attend our public #CliftonStrengths courses and learn about Strengths-Based Leadership. Essentially, this means for many of the educators, this is a FREE course! The aim of this particular SkillsFuture Leadership course is to help participants understand how to use their full 34 StrengthsFinder profile results to be effective leaders in the education landscape in Singapore. In this workshop, we covered the dominant talent themes, the supportive themes and the lesser themes, all in a day's work. The educators learn how to maximize their dominant themes while discovering how they can overcome some of the challenges faced with the lesser themes. Everyone finished the workshop with a developmental plan that will help them to grow their talents to strengths. It was very enjoyable to see how the different educators share their own leadership experiences in their schools with one another. Other than learning about strengths, the cross learning in terms of sharing of the different educators' experience is part of the unique selling point in this public workshop. Looking forward to more of such runs in the school holidays ahead. 

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