StrengthsFinder Couple Workshop (Singapore) - November 2016

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Conducted the last StrengthsFinder Couple Workshop for 2016 in #Chinatown Singapore. It has been such a joy to run this program. Every single time I conduct such a workshop, it reminds me of why I do what I do. I give thanks for my own marriage and especially my own wife. Cos of her sacrifices, I can take a night out and continue to impact other couples. I believe that it is so important that couples build their relationship and household by leveraging each others' strengths while helping each other manage their weaknesses. As usual, we did many different learning activities to understand how it is important to have a paradigm shift from the deficit thinking model. The couples had quality time to dialogue how their strengths can serve one another. Truly, Strengths can powerfully contribute to a culture of honor and love among loved ones and family members. What a great way to end the evening! 

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Victor Seet • World & Singapore's 1st Gold Awarded Gallup StrengthsFinder Coach • Strengths School™ Singapore