Singapore StrengthsFinder Empathy Illustration

Singapore Strengthsfinder workshop and coaching resources empathy illustration

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People with the StrengthsFinder Empathy theme are known to be caring and understanding. Just like the picture illustration, people with Empathy are often able to feel what others are feeling as though those feelings are their own. They seek to listen and they ask questions in a way to understand why people feel a certain way. They are often recognised to be good listeners as they not only listen to the voice but to the heart of people. They do not necessarily accept the choices that people make but they try to understand the motivation behind the actions and how these people feel. People with Empathy empower others by validating their feelings. By allowing others to voice out their emotions, they help to create a release in people's hearts

People with Empathy can form a strong partnership with those who has the Analytical theme. People with Analytical think because of their feelings while people with Empathy think based on their feelings. The former works on logic while the latter works on emotions. Finding partners with Analytical enables people with Empathy to go through a more robust process of decision-making. Such a combination allows the decision-makers to consider and understand a more comprehensive range of factors that impact team members' well-being

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