CliftonStrengths Leadership Thailand Workshop for JnJ - Dec 2018

CliftonStrengths Thailand Workshop for JnJ Gallup StrengthsFinder Coach Victor Seet

CliftonStrengths) Leadership Thailand Bangkok Workshop Program for JnJ Janssen.

Just completed 2 StrengthsFinder workshops in Bangkok together with Jeff. The workshop was split into 2 similar sessions as we were conducting for a very large division. Thankful again for the high energy and hunger that the participants displayed. It was evident to me that the participants enjoyed the whole learning process and they were happy with the workshop. Grateful to end the last workshop of the year (2018) on a high! Onwards to 2019!

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Victor Seet • World & Singapore's 1st Gold Awarded Gallup StrengthsFinder Coach • Strengths School™ Singapore