Gallup Strengths-Explorer Student Cohort Workshop: Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School

Singapore StrengthsExplorer Student Cohort Workshop Gallup Coach Victor Seet Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School

1st #Singapore #StrengthsExplorer #Student #Workshop for 2017!

Was very proud to complete this first student cohort workshop for Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School. This was a 2 days student program completed for close to 300 Secondary One students! Had a team of 14 trainers for this student program with different skill sets and experience. Needed a strong team of Trainers and Facilitators as we were dealing with students from the Express, Normal Academic and Normal Tech streams. This was also the second and third day of school and most of the students do not yet know one another so the workshop was not easy to facilitate. In the end, it went very well and the students were very engaged and the teachers gave good feedback. I'm very thankful to our trainers from Strengths School for the great delivery! For me, it was very enjoyable to see these students that these students not only can learn and know their strengths from this workshop but they also get to form deeper and more meaningful friendships with one another. Very very happy to start 2017 reminding myself and the team why we are all in this Strengths journey. "Seeing Every Generation Live Out Their Full Potential!" 

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