StrengthsFinder Team Building Workshop (WSG) - Career Services Division

Gallup StrengthsFinder Singapore Team Building Workshop Workforce Singapore Career Connect Team Victor Seet

StrengthsFinder (CliftonStrengths) TeamBuilding Workshop Program for Workforce Singapore (WSG), for the Career Services Division.

The focus of the workshop was on building winning teams. There were 5 distinct work teams but the overall atmosphere was very open and people were very happy to engage and connect with each other. We explored about decision making, partnerships and personal development in this “Build a Winning Team” workshop. One participant commented “The workshop provides useful insights into each of our strengths. Strengths based management and leadership is needed in this era to provide winning teams and impactful results.” Another said that “the session was highly interactive and useful in giving clarity to the team dynamics and it will certainly help to improve our ability to work together even better in the future!” Grateful for a day well spent and to read so many good feedback!

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Victor Seet • World & Singapore's 1st Gold Awarded Gallup StrengthsFinder Coach • Strengths School™ Singapore