StrengthsFinder® Arranger Theme (CliftonStrengths)

StrengthsFinder Singapore Leadership Application Arranger

People with Arranger in their top 5 Strengthsfinder results enjoy managing different variables and moving parts as they work towards a productive outcome. They are energized by the process of aligning and realigning and finding the best configuration possible. They are often seen and known to many as the conductor, the orchestrator or the coordinator. They enjoyed working through other people and getting stuff done. Arrangers are often linked to collaborative productivity while those with the Strengthsfinder Achiever theme are known more for personal productivity. Some Arrangers can also juggle many different smaller tasks that build towards a bigger goal without feeling overwhelmed. In fact, juggling these smaller parts makes the Arranger productive. 

While there are people who enjoy reacting to changes such as people with the Strengthsfinder Adaptability theme, the Arranger enjoys making and creating the changes. Arrangers prefer to be in control so that they can be the ones sorting and finding the best configuration. The genius of Arranger talents lies in their ability to organize and make the best use of resources to produce great results. Uniquely different from others, having things to juggle makes an Arranger more productive. When it comes to multi-tasking, Arrangers tend to have an edge over the average person because of their unique wiring. They enjoy having the flexibility to adjust and readjust and to keep things fluid as things move along. Some Arrangers are great project managers who can manage many different schedules and often complex ones. Some simply love to coordinate a large group gathering and find a common timing that fits everyone's availability. Regardless of the roles, one thing is for sure - Arrangers are at their best when it comes to managing multiple variables while remaining productive.

In Strengths School™ Singapore, one of my colleagues, who is also a Gallup-Certified StrengthsFinder coach, Charissa Ee, enjoys managing the configurations. With her Arranger theme, she is the one who decides how the set-ups of different workshops we conduct in Singapore, have the best possible outcomes. She is also the one who configures the office space that we occupy in Singapore's Chinatown. She decides how to arrange the files and the different resources in the office so that the whole team can function in an optimal capacity. Since the time she came on board, the entire team has felt the difference she has made. As a result of the different configurations she has made, the entire team becomes more productive.

How can a person with Arranger turn this talent into a Strength? Here are some suggestions:


Arrangers are often seen to be very productive and able to finish many tasks efficiently. However, a common feedback is that Arrangers might not be as aware of the emotional needs of others in the team especially when their productivity driven desire kicks in strongly.  

For example, in a project setting, Arrangers pride themselves in their ability to see the best configuration or most efficient use of resources to produce a desired outcome. With this unique wiring, Arrangers can often come across as being critical or closed towards other configurations suggested by team members. When teammates perceive that the Arranger in the team is not open to feedback especially with regards to how resources can be utilized and how different configurations can also be of use, the result can be a heightened level of distrust and unhappiness with each another. 

It is therefore important that Arrangers need to demonstrate an openness to listen while negotiating ways to come up with the best configuration. In seasons where there are many deadlines, it is important that Arrangers need to be more intentional to communicate to others how things can be done more efficiently. They also need to intentionally gather feedback on how people are feeling.


Arrangers are at their best when there is a complex project and they are required to coordinate the resources. When there are multiple configurations and deadlines, Arrangers often need to be reminded on the main outcome. When there are so many different tasks to complete, it is often easy to forget what the main desired outcome is to be. Having constant reminders on the main outcome helps the Arranger to stay focused. Questions that Arrangers can ask themselves to gain greater clarity are “What is the key outcome of this project? What kind of tasks can be done together to increase my productivity? What is one main theme that can tie the different parts together?" 

Another aspect that we often identify with Arrangers is that they love to configure and to reconfigure. They are very much driven by the idea of efficiency. Arrangers will sometimes embark on a reconfiguration of resources when they see another route possible that will help them to be more efficient. However, constant reconfiguration can cause tension in a team if it’s not properly managed. Having clarity of the main outcome can help the Arranger to avoid overdoing the adjustments. This is especially so when the adjustment to become more efficient can have a more detrimental effect on the team dynamics and morale.


Partner those with Focus
People with Focus are often single minded and are able to keep themselves centered towards the bigger goal. They prefer to filter and work on the priorities that will help them achieve their goal. By contrast, Arrangers tend to be more about multiplicity and they love to juggle the various smaller goals and be productive. Partnering with the people with Focus allow the Arrangers to have a greater level of clarity of the destination and on the big picture. This partnership often empowers the Arrangers to coordinate and manage the resources with greater impact. This partnership also helps the Arrangers to come back to the core focus when they are overly consumed with the smaller projects. 

Partner those with Discipline
People with Discipline prefers predictability and enjoys things that are orderly and pre-planned. People with Discipline set up routines and focus on the different deliverables required in a project. Arrangers tend to be more fluid and dynamic when it comes to workflow or a work plan. Knowing that Arrangers will make adjustments to the work plan whenever they see opportunities to be more efficient and more productive, people with Discipline serves as the sounding board or an alarm. Partnering the people with Discipline allow Arrangers to receive feedback on the changes made especially when certain reconfigurations can lead towards a high level of adjustments for team members and can be unsettling. The valuable feedback from the people with Discipline helps Arrangers to avoid overdoing the adjustments. 

Partner those with Individualization
People with Individualization are intrigued by the unique qualities of each person. They focus on the differences between individuals and instinctively observe each person’s style. They are also keen observers of other people’s strengths and enjoy drawing out the best in each person.  People with Individualization desire for each person to be in the right fit for projects because they care a lot about the engagement level of the individual. By contrast, Arrangers desire for productivity and are interested to have the right people in the right role in order for the team to be functioning at its best and for optimal productivity. Such partnership allows for great discussions on team productivity and engagement. 

Concluding thoughts: Arrangers are very productive and are excellent managers when it comes to complex projects with many different moving parts. They can sometimes be the ones who create tension in a team with the different changes they made in order to move things forward. But one thing is for sure - they can be counted on to deliver the results especially in projects that are filled with many variables and full of complexity.  

Written by Victor Seet
Activator • Communication • Strategic • Self-Assurance • Command

As a Gallup Certified Singapore Strengthsfinder coach, Victor is passionate about strengths engagement and now runs his own training company, Strengths School™ (, based in Singapore. He has been actively giving Strengthsfinder leadership and team building workshops to businesses and schools in Singapore as well as Hong Kong, China (Shanghai) and India.