What have I learnt about myself through this experience?

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Leadership Coaching Question: "What have I learnt about myself through this experience?"

Leaders must constantly debrief themselves, especially after any event that leads to an emotional high or low point. The event could be work related or family related. The debrief could be after an intense conversation. It could be after a very fulfilling day of work. It could also be after a time of conflict. Leaders must take time to reflect and dig deeper. Often it's the joy deep within us that gives us the clue to our greatness. It's also often the messiness deep within us that can derail our paths. Leaders must grow in self-awareness and cultivate a good inner life. "What have I learnt about myself through this experience?"

This is a series of powerful coaching questions designed to help all #leaders become better coaches by first coaching themselves. Combining the [#CliftonStrengths] #StrengthsFinder principles with Leadership Coaching.

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