Singapore StrengthsFinder Command Illustration

Singapore StrengthsFinder Command Lion Courageous Art Wall

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People with the StrengthsFinder Command theme display unusual confidence and often bring clarity and courage to their team, especially during crisis or in challenging situations. People with Command are also compelled to present facts or truths, no matter how unpleasant they may be. They strive to bring clarity to circumstances and among people, often through polarization.

People with Command believe strongly that clarity can best be expressed and achieved through creating polar opposite positions - making things black and white - or simply put: creating obvious contrasts will bring about clarity. In their minds, there is no hierarchy to follow when it comes to seeking truth. The desire for truth gives them courage to direct questions to anyone in any setting. The worst answer to give is one that is politically correct

People with Command partners well with those with Harmony. Those with Harmony can help those with Command reduce conflicts by their ability to mediate especially when those with Command are perceived as too confrontational and strong in nature. People with Harmony are often able to help those with Command to fine tune their messages in a more relatable manner while retaining the meaning and intent

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