Difference between a Talent and a Strength


Hi, this is Victor from Strengths School. We often do workshops for our clients and we do coaching, and one of the most frequently asked question is "what is the difference between a talent and a strength?" Now, a talent is a natural recurring pattern of thought, feeling or behavior and a strength, a strength is the ability to provide, consistently near-perfect performance. Are these two different? Let me give you an analogy, a talent is like a seed and a strength is like a fruit, it grows from infancy to maturity. Sometimes, in our workshop, we use these two words interchangeably. Why? Because we do believe that it is a strengths journey and we grow, but it is the same core essence. We want people to grow from that talent which is the potential and grow into the strength, into maturity, into their performance that they can give. This is what value-adds to their organisation, to their team. So what is the difference? Really, it is about their maturity, that talent which is able to bring to that strength requires investment. So we do coaching and we do workshops to bring people that understanding, to help people to grow into their strength. Thank you.

The purpose of this video is to answer some of the most frequently asked questions during workshops and coaching sessions. Pls. feel free to let me know some of the questions you may have about strengths.