How am I raising up Future Leaders?

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Leadership Coaching Question: "How am I raising future leaders?"

Developing strong future leaders is an area of great importance. Some do it well and some do it poorly. What separates a manager and a leader is often the development of team members and an intentional investment into future leaders. Managers often focus on getting the jobs done while leaders make it a point to develop people while managing those tasks. In engagement surveys, employees are often asked whether they feel their supervisors are developing them. Intentionally investing in future leaders will create less turnovers while increasing productivity in the long run. Top leaders multiply themselves in order to be able to do more of strategic planning work and move away from more operational details. In order for leaders to multiply themselves, they have to have clarity on the process of developing new leaders in their team. "How are you raising future leaders?" 

This is a series of exploratory coaching questions designed to help all #leaders become better coaches by first coaching themselves. 

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